Monday, December 12, 2011

La Communication dans le Mileu du Travail

* * *


  1. Bon travail!.. mais je ne peux pas voir le partie americain. C'est un sujet interessant a moi parce que la relation entre les gerants et les employes est important pour le succes d'un entreprise.

  2. Bonne vidéo, je sujet a été bien traité dans sa globalité, and nice T-shirt by the way :) :)

  3. La partie américaine marche dans "firefox" fyi :)

  4. Sadok: Nice presentation. Your English is clear and we understand your reseach and point of view. I would aim for a little more "action" in your voice; a little more "dynamism" if possible.

  5. Sarah - Nice to see Christmas lights in the background on this gray rainy day in France! I'm not sure I saw your entire report as it ends rather abruptly, but good intro as to why your subject might interest us, what we might gain by listening.
    Your pronunciation could be improved by articulating every syllable, every vowel sound: ie. lieu
    Sadok : well organised, clear ideas. It's difficult to imagine the camera is an audience, but it would be better if you looked at us.
    Watch word endings - an extra syllable only for words ending in /s/ or /d/ sounds: introduced / not /...sid/; improves : /...vz/ not /...viz/


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